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EP3YE warning light for motor vehicle 180° 68lm

The EuroPyramid 3 is a battery-driven external warning signal light used in emergency situations by drivers of motor vehicles.

Color: Orange
Panel Color: White
Light Beacon: 180°/360°
LED: 2pcs 68 lm
Visibility: 900m/985y

Button Functions

The green button activates the battery status indicator
The black button is reserved for other functions.  It is not active
The yellow button activates the blinking LED with 180° beacon
The orange button activates both blinking LEDs creating a 360° beacon


The EuroPyramid EP3YE series are battery-driven external yellow blinking warning signal lights used in emergency situations by drivers of motor vehicles.

As a blinking yellow light it can be seen up to 1 mile away from the point where it is set to warn following drivers that a still-standing motor vehicle in a distress situation is just a short distance away and oncoming drivers should be aware of a vehicle on or next to the road ahead.

The device contains a TEST green/red battery charge status indicator. There are a total of 4 buttons on the front panel of each warning light device. It fits easily into the glove compartment of an automobile (see online video) and a carrying pouch is delivered along with warning light.

We offer several models depending on the need to adhere to road safety regulations in different parts of the world. We offer advice in the module called Light & Laws which should help guide you to choose the correct model for the area in which you live.

In some areas two separate warning lights are mandated, in other areas a dual panel model with an all-around beacon.  Some areas have no requirements, but it is the sole responsibility of the owner of a warning light to know and adhere to the road safety regulations set forth in the laws of the area where the warning light is used.

All of our warning lights are delivered with batteries inserted and ready for use.

The EuroPyramid EP3YE models all use 4 pcs. VARTA AA 1.5V batteries at delivery of the type

  • VARTA AA LR6 type 4006 Industrial 2900mAh


Replacements which are certified along with certification of the light intensity may include

  • VARTA AA RL6 type 4106 Long Life Extra 2700mAh
  • VARTA AA RL6 type 4706 Max Tech 2900mAh
  • VARTA AA RL6 type 4906 High Energy 2900mAh

Do not mix different types of batteries in one set, do not use older and newer batteries together.

Certification in Germany is only valid using 4 pcs of the same type of VARTA AA 1.5V batteries as shown above.

Technical specifications of the various EP3YE warning lights are found under Light & Laws.

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