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The EP3YEt-DP5860B224 Fireball is the latest and most powerful addition to the Baltic Lite Light OÜ family of amber blinking warning lights for motor vehicles. It can be used as a single panel warning light with a beacon of 180° or as a dual panel beacon with a 360° all-around lighting eff ect.
Pressing the yellow third button from left will active the 180° beacon and the orange fourth from left button will activate both light chambers for the 360° blinking amber beacon. The fi rst button on the left activates the battery status indicator. If by pushing the green button the small LED indicator above the green button lights up green, it means there are at least 18 hours of battery run time left. If the indicator lights up red, this means there are about 18 hours of battery runtime available and you should soon replace all 4 of the batteries. Total estimated battery runtime is when using the 180 ° light emission 67 hours. The second button from left is black. It has no function in this model.
The estimated battery runtime using both LEDs by pushing the orange button is 25 hours in the first phase and an additional
9 hours when the final red phase begins.
Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not use batteries of different manufacturers or of different mAh ratings.
In the printed box the contents include 3 parts for assembly, a storage pouch and this instruction sheet.


Here you can download leaflets in different languages.

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